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Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski, PFSz President, among 20 most influential people in Polish healthcare system

17.01.2017 Accordingly to the ranking called "Lista STU" just released by the Pulse of Medicine Journal, prof. Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski, President of the Polish Hospital Federation was listed among 20 most influential people in Polish healthcare system (ranked at 19).

Young managers with Polish Hospital Federation

20.09.2016 Young Healthcare Managers (Młodzi Menedżerowie Medycyny) is an answer to increasing need for competent and well-educated leaders in our healthcare system. Under the aegis of the Polish Hospital Federation, the organization associates outstanding young people, students and graduates from medical, economics, law and administration, information technology (and other) faculties. All of them focus on healthcare, they have already gained some valuable experience and knowledge concerning that sector.

The main purpose is to improve the quality of patient care in the macro scale.  Young Managers believe that they can achieve it through interdisciplinary work, interaction of various specialists and generations, as well as practical education initiated in the beginning of their careers.

The core of the project consists of meetings with the prominent healthcare leaders and hospital management internships. They want to learn from the best. But young managers don't wait until they graduate from the university, get a job or achieve proper age to act - they have a lot to offer right here and right now. They take part in conferences; write about health for magazines; work in medical companies. And last, but not least - they create their own solutions for health sector's problems.

They constitute the future of healthcare.

Please see www.mlodzimenedzerowie.pl

Contact: ligia.kornowska@pfsz.org

Polish Association of Managed Care

Polish Association of Managed Care was established in Warsaw on 21 Apr 2016. The concept of managed care has become very popular in Poland recently. There is a lot of interest in providing coordinated medical care from different healthcare stakeholders.   Managed care, which implicates cost-effective, integrated and high quality medical care has not been sufficiently defined in Poland.  The idea of establishing new scientific association, which would become an opinion leader came at the right time.  Fortunately, the group of founders is very representative as it includes: Undersecretary of State at the Polish Health Ministry, President of the National Health Fund, General Director of the National Institute of Public Health, General Director of the National Center of Quality Assessment in Healthcare and President of the Polish Hospital Federation and several university professors from leading Polish academic institutions.  More information is coming as the Association is being registered.

The founding committee elected following officials of the association: prof. Iga Rudawska – Chair of the High Council, assoc. prof. Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski – President of the Executive Board, dr. Małgorzata-Gałązka-Sobotka – member of the Executive Board, Ms. Anna Sczerbak – member of the Executive Board, assoc. prof. Marcin Chech – member of the High Council, dr. Beata Buchelt – member of the High Council and dr. Andrzej Chełchowski – member of the High Council. 

Polish-German Health Summit

06 Nov 2015.  Bilateral Polish-German Conference was held at the University of Szczecin.  It was a joint venture of two academic institutions: University of Szczecin (PL) and University of Greifswald (D), as well as two national hospital organizations: German Hospital Federation DKG and Polish Hospital Federation PFSz.  Detailed information is listed at tab: "Polish-German Health Summit" at the bottom of this web site.

Ambassador of Polish Congresses

PFSz President Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski was awarded diploma of the "Honorary Ambassador of Polish Congresses" at the Gala of Polish Tourism Organization in Katowice, 17 Sep 2015. He was appointed a member of the Polish Congress Ambassadors's Chapter.   

President of the PFSz appointed as the Chairman of the Program Committee of the Health Manager (Menedżer Zdrowia) journal.

09.09.2015 Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski, PFSz President was appointed as the Chairman of the Program Committee of the prestigious Polish journal "Menedżer Zdrowia".

The Journal is the most influential publication in healthcare management sector on the national level.  The language of the Journal is Polish.

Health Manager is a professional business-to-business monthly magazine (10 issues per year) aimed at health managers, providing various information about medical management - both public and private, demands of hospitals and medical centers. The journal presents methods of investment, gaining funds for new projects in the medical sector. Articles published in the magazine refer to important subjects in medical institutions. Health Manager also includes many opinions of specialists concerning new law, equipment and pharmaceuticals, and informing about medical news.

Already over 60 000 of users of our portal www.termedia.pl stressed that they are interested in systematic receiving the news about management in health care system. 

Academy of Health Manager is a new initiative – innovative program for all interested in health care management. Each year Academy organizes many conferences for health managers from all over the world.

Health Manager is also an organizer of the prestigious competition: Success of the year in the protection of health – Leaders in medicine.

HealthManagement.org about HOPE AGORA 2015 in Warsaw

Held on the theme of “Hospitals 2020: hospitals of the future, healthcare of the future”, drug management, laboratory operations, finances, quality management and patient involvement were also major themes which emerged from the expertise exchange of 128 participants working in health management in 19 European countries.

“There is no such international cooperation in the entire world of healthcare management and we as Europeans should be extremely proud of it,” Chairman of HOPE AGORA 2015, Professor Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski said.
One important objective of HOPE is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills within the European Union. A second principle is the provision of training and hands-on experience for professionals working in hospitals and healthcare in Europe.

HOPE AGORA operates like an exchange program, where health professionals spend time in a host country for an insight into local practices. Every year, the theme of the gathering changes with participants given the opportunity to learn how the topic has been developed in the host country. The congress closes with presentations from each country where professionals share views on what they have found inspiring about the local system and how they can learn from it in order to face challenges back home in their institution, ward or region.

HOPE Chief Executive Mr Pascal Garel closed the exchange with words that reflected the mood of the gathering and aims of HOPE AGORA. "Don't forget, HOPE is you,” he said


Image result for hope agora logo

Conclusion and thank you message from HOPE AGORA 2015 Chairman

Dear Participants of HOPE AGORA 2015,

Thank you very much for your active participation at the Congress of the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation HOPE AGORA 2015 in Warsaw.  We have been very pleased to be able to organize this year’s Congress in Poland for you.  

I would like to express my great appreciation to all participants and National Coordinators of the 2015 HOPE Exchange Programme.  Your presentations on the second day of AGORA, referring to the leading theme of the Congress - Hospital 2020, were absolutely fabulous.  Congratulations are deserved by all teams, regardless of the final voting result.  Nevertheless, I would like to distinguish the top three contenders: Denmark, Finland and Poland.  

As the host, I would like to thank the leaders of our European Federation: HOPE President Dr. Sara C. Pupato-Ferrari, HOPE Vice President Ms. Eva M. Weinreich-Jensen, HOPE Chief Executive Mr. Pascal Garel, thanks to all HOPE Governors, HOPE Liaison Officers and HOPE Central Office staff, who took part in the Congress so actively. 

I am grateful to my organizing committee, coordinated by Ms. Barbara Tołkacz and her team, as well to my fellow HOPE officers from Poland : Ms. Anna Szczerbak and Mr. Bogusław Budziński.  We have heard good words about our efforts to provide you with high quality environment and nice social content of the HOPE AGORA in Warsaw, and we appreciate them very much.  On a personal note, I am much grateful for your positive opinions about my presentation on “Past and present of Polish medicine and hospital 2020”.  I am extremely pleased with your reception of my speech. I have heard that you liked the other Polish presentations as well: Gdańsk University Hospital, Zabrze City Hospital, European public procurement by Batna Group, Polish Tourist Organization and Warsaw City Tourist Office.  Please accept my thanks on behalf of the speakers. 

We are also very happy that the HOPE AGORA 2015 drew national attention.  We were privileged to be visited by our nation’s high ranking officials: Deputy Speaker of the Parliament  - Dr. Elżbieta Radziszewska, Deputy Minister for Health - Dr. Beata Libera-Małecka, Deputy Director for Health of the City of Warsaw - Mr. Paweł Chęciński, Director of Warsaw WHO office - Dr. Paulina Miśkiewicz and President of the Association of Healthcare Managers - Ms. Małgorzata Majer.  There were number of media reporters in attendance and we have enjoyed nice media coverage.  We were also lucky to present you with some innovative technology from Poland (i.e. medical dispenser) at the reception area.  You will find pictures and presentations on AGORA’s 2015 website at: www.hope-agora.eu

The HOPE Exchange Programme has been an example of international cooperation at its best for many years.  This year, that has not changed.  We can say that the 2015 edition and its conclusion HOPE AGORA have been professional, very fruitful and much fun to participate in.  There is no such international cooperation in the entire world of healthcare management, and we as Europeans should be extremely proud of it.   

As far as the take home message is concerned, I think that the idea of the  European “Hospital 2020” results from a combination of best solutions by HOPE members, as we stand united as much as possible and learn from each other.         

Thank you all very much,

Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski

Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski, Assoc. Prof., MD, PhD, MBA, FACP, FESC

Chairman of HOPE AGORA 2015 Congress, 1-2 June, Warsaw, Poland, EU

HOPE Governor for Poland and member of the President’s Committee

President of the Polish Hospital Federation


04 June 2015

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Welcome message from HOPE AGORA 2015 Chairman

Dear HOPE AGORA 2015 Participants,

Please accept the warmest welcome from myself and the Polish Hospital Federation.  We are much honored to be your host this year.  So far, 205 people have registered to attend, among them 130 HOPE Exchange Participants, HOPE President, 21 HOPE Governors, 45 HOPE National Coordinators and  HOPE Liaison Officers and of course HOPE CEO and HOPE Central Office Staff.

Polish Hospital Federation is one of the youngest members of the HOPE family.  Thanks to the encouragement from past HOPE Presidents Mr. John Cachia of Malta and Mr. Georg Baum of Germany, as well as HOPE CEO Mr. Pascal Garel, we were able to create a national organization of hospitals in 2011.  There is complete freedom of association for employers in Poland.  We have many hospital owners, like local governments of various levels, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, medical universities, church and a good number of private corporations.  As you imagine, associating hospitals into one organization was not an easy task.  We are proud to be successful and we continue to work to strengthen our federation but also to play an active role in HOPE.

Your visit to Warsaw will take place at one of the best times of the year.  With summer just around the corner, the weather is usually warm and sunny in June.    We selected a very nice hotel and conference venue in the center of the new city with only a short distance to the old city and the Royal Tract.  You will be given a presentation not only about Polish healthcare but also about attractions of Poland and Warsaw capital city itself.  The Mayor of Warsaw has awarded her honorary patronage to HOPE AGORA, therefore we expect an opening statement and active role of the city office in making your stay enjoyable.

As HOPE AGORA has always been about work and fun, we have organized two social events for all participants.  One will happen at the Vistula river bank restaurant with splendid views of the city and another one will take place at one of the best music clubs in the vicinity of the National Theatre and the Presidential Palace.   

Please accept my best wishes of safe travel and great time in Warsaw, see you soon !

Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski, Assoc. Professor, MD, PhD, MBA

Chairman of the Organizing Committee, HOPE AGORA 2015

President of the Polish Hospital Federation

HOPE Governor and member of the President’s Committee


Warszawa, 12 May 2015   

HOPE AGORA Congress in Warsaw

10 Apr 2015.  This year, Congress of the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation HOPE: AGORA 2015 will take place in Warsaw, Poland.  For the first time in history, AGORA will be hosted in Poland thanks to the activities of the Polish Hospital Federation and its HOPE Governor, Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski.

Congress has been granted honorary patronage by the Mayor of Warsaw, Ms. Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz and a patronage by the President of the Employers of Poland, Mr. Andrzej Malinowski.

Several media patronages have been granted, by leading daily newspaper publisher and leading healthcare market publishers.

Details about HOPE AGORA 2015 are presented at

Hospital Study Tour to Israel

27.03.2015.  Delegation of PFSz completed excellent hospital study tour to Israel.  Polish hospital managers were able to participate in MedinIsreal Congress and visit two leading hospitals in Tel Aviv.  PFSz President Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski was a speaker at very interesting session about "intelligent hospitals".  PFSz appreciates very much the invitation and support given by the Israeli Embassy in Warsaw. especially Mr. Tal Harmelin - Commercial Attache and Ms. Gabriela Zaborowska - Senior Business Consultant.  More details about the tour are presented in Polish.  

Doctoral studies at Warsaw University of Economics (SGH)

16 Jan 2015.  PFSz invites hospital executives for doctoral studies at Warsaw University of Economics.  New program will start in March 2015 and will lead to the conferral of the degree of PhD in economics, finances or public policy. The program is open to Polish or English speaking international healthcare executives.  For information, please write to: jjf@pfsz.org 

Warsaw University of Economics (SGH) is the number one business school in Poland and Central Europe.


Hospital study tour to Denmark

14.10.2014.  We would like to express our great appreciation to Healthcare Denmark for inviting us and organizing hospital study tour for us.  Our delegation of Polish hospital managers was able to get acquainted with the Danish health care system, their innovative medical programs and the amazing construction of the new University Hospital in Aarhus.  We would like to especially thank Mr. Hans Erik Hendriksen, the CEO or Healthcare Denmark for the invitation and hospitality, and also to Ms. Kristina Lagoni Garbol who was our great host in Denmark. More detailed information is presented in Polish language.

Hospital Group Purchasing

30 Sep 2014.  PFSz supports and facilitates group purchasing for Polish hospitals.  We recommend Batna Group, Ltd. as the recognized operator of group purchasing.  Batna Gropu has vast experience in group purchasing for major corporations in Poland.  They guarantee high degree of professionalism and full confidentiality.

BATNA presentation - for downloading



Aleksandra Warzecha, Coordinator of Group Purchasing 


mobile: +48 533 885 999

Detailed information in Polish language at "Grupy Zakupowe" tab

Call for helping hospitals in Ukraine

22 Sep 2014, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I was a member of delegation organized by the Marshal of the Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship on 10-13 September 2014. Our task was, among other things, to assess the needs and the opportunities to organize help for health care institutions in Ukraine, especially military hospitals healing wounded soldiers and sometimes also civilians.

Community hospitals in Ukraine are quite poorly equipped, but the state of the military health care is tragic. For example, a general hospital does not posses a functioning X-ray machine.

If anyone of you have at her/his disposal used but functioning medical equipment, I would be very grateful if you could provide me with the information concerning the equipment with a brief description and photo to my e-mail: r.lewandowski@pfsz.org; or r.lewandowski@ameryka.com.pl;  After gathering the information, I will be in contact with you concerning the possibility of transporting and installing the stuff in Ukraine. If someone would be capable to transport the equipment by herself/himself, I can offer the addresses for delivery. They need everything: audiometers (soldiers stunned after explosions), cardiac monitors, portable or stationary ultrasound, defibrillators, laparoscope, dressings, all kind of pharmaceuticals, etc..

Please find enclosed some photos from the Military Hospital in Rivne in western Ukraine, in order to realize how the infrastructure is underinvested. The hospital has already treated hundreds of wounded soldiers. I am sorry for the poor quality of photos, but it I was taking them with my phone.


Roman Lewandowski, Director of Voivodeship Rehabilitation Hospital for Children in Ameryka, Olsztyn, Poland (www.ameryka.com.pl), Member of the High Council, Polish Hospital Federation, (www.pfsz.org)

Report with pictures for downloading

Recommendations from the Friends of Europe think-tank

17.05.2014.  Friends of Europe - leading European think-tank has just released recommendations of the Health Working Group.  President of the PFSz Jarosław J. Fedorowski takes part in the Group.

Friends of Europe - recommendations for downloading

Newsletter of the European Hospital Federation,114,2014.04 - for downloading

Newsletter of the European Hospital Federation,113,2014.03 - for downloading

Newsletter of the European Hospital Federation HOPE, 2014.02 - for downloading

Newsletter of the European Hospital Federation HOPE, 5'2013 - for downloading

Meeting of the Health Working Group, Friends of Europe

17.02.2014.  PFSz President, Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski, assoc. prof. represented Poland and also European Hospital Federation HOPE at the meeting of the Health Working Group in Brussels.  The working group is a part of the leading European think-tank Friends of Europe.  At the meeting, 20 "do it", 20 "stop doing" and 10 "do differently" recommendations for European authorities were made.  Official presentation of recommendations for new European parliament members is planned after final meetings of the group planed for this spring. 


COCIR ROUNDTABLE FORUM: 20.06.2013, Warsaw

May,2013.  This year's edition of the most prestigious hospital conference in Poland is looking particularly interesting.  The big event, planned for the afternoon on the 20 June, is going to be the COCIR Roundtable Forum:

"Fostering financial sustainability of healthcare system using EU Cohesion Policy funds in Poland"

COCIR FORUM - General Information: file for downloading

European Hospital and Healthcare Federation HOPE: 2012 annual report - pdf file for downloading

Hope Exchange Program for the first time with full participation of Poland as host and delegating country in 2013

For the first time in multiple year history of HOPE Exchange Program Poland is the full time participant.  Thanks to membership at the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation HOPE, Polish Hospital Federation PFSz is coordinating the exchange into Poland and out of Poland.   Four healthcare managers from Poland will participate in exchange management training abroad.  They will spend four weeks in the UK, Spain and Sweden.  Poland will host four visitors from Spain, Sweden and Serbia.  Mr. Bogusław Budziński is the National Coordinator for Poland - please click on "National Coordinator" tab for more information. 

Host institutions and exchange visitors to Poland 

SPZOZ Zespół Szpitali Miejskich in Chorzów – Mr. Jose Trigo from Spain

Krakowski Szpital Specjalistyczny im Jana Pawła II in Kraków – DJasmina Savic-Joksimovic from Serbia

III Miejski Szpital im. K. Jonschera in Łódź – Ms. Olivia Perez Corral from Spain

Szpital Powiatowy in Radomsko – Ms. Inger Bodin from Sweden

Exchange participants from Poland

Mr. Piotr Bartnik – member of the Council, Szpital Pediatryczny im. Kopernika 

in Warsaw, PFSz member -  to Spain

Dr. Jacek Domejko – Member of the PFSz Executive Board -  to England

Mr. Krzysztof Lehnort – President of  Elvita, supporting PFSz member - to  Sweden

Ms. Agnieszka Wenerska – HR manager from III Miejski Szpital im. K. Jonschera in Łódź, PFSz member – to Spain

British-Polish Healthcare Forum

On 21st Feb 2013, British-Polish healthcare forum was organized at the British Embassy in Warsaw.  Several British firms presented their innovative healthcare products.  An interesting session on best practices in management was held. There was also a good opportunity to network.  Polish Hospital Federation (PFSz) was represented by President Jarosław J. Fedorowski and a Vice Chairman of the High Council Zbyszko Przybylski. 

Historical meeting of HOPE in Poland

On 22nd of October 2012, for the first time in history of the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation, the meeting of its Board of Governors took place in Poland.  Representatives of 20 hospital organizations across Europe discussed in Warsaw current situation of hospitals and proceedings on several EU directives.  The meeting was followed by seminar with members of the executive board and high council of the Polish Hospital Federation, representatives of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Fund.  The meeting was a big success for the Polish Hospital Federation.   

Newsletter, European Hospital and Healthcare Federation, June 2012 - link

Newsletter, European Hospital and Healthcare Federation, No 1, 2012 - link

National Coordinator of HOPE Exchange Program nominated on 07 Sept 2012

Mr. Boguslaw Budzinski, member of the High Council of the PFSz and the Project Director at Dom Lekarski, Inc., was nominated National Coordinator for the HOPE Exchange Program.

New Executive Board and High Council elected on 14.06.2012 in Warsaw. 

The second term Executive Board of the Polish Hospital Federation was elected. Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski was elected President, Janusz Boniecki and Wojciech Kaszyński as Vice Presidents, Jacek Domejko and Bożena Woźniak as Board Members.

At the same time, the second term High Council was also elected. Krzysztof Bederski was named Chairperson, Irena Petryna and Zbyszko Przybylski were named Vice Chairpersons.

More detailed information on who is who is in Polish language at this time.  It can be found at the "O nas" (about us) tab: "Zarząd" tab for Executive Board and "Rada Naczelna" tab - for High Council.  Please also see "Foto galeria" for pictures.

Dekra Certification Poland, Ltd. becomes the supporting member of the Polish Hospital Federation (PFSz) on 20 April 2012.  The cooperation with such renowned organization opens new perspective for the future of hospital certification and accreditaion.  For more detailed information please click on "Newsy" tab (in Polish only).

Jonscher Hospital, of Łódź, the founding member of PFSz has received prestigious award "Forbes Diamonds" - congratulations to Ms. Bozena Wozniak, Hospital CEO and member of the Executive board of PFSz.  (26.04.2012)